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            a meat lovers restaurant

            Bowery Meat Company is a meat-centric restaurant from John McDonald with Chef/Partner Josh Capon

            New York Times gives BMC a 2-star "critics pick" review. Peter Wells recommends: Broiled oysters; foie gras and chicken liver parfait; zucchini carpaccio; bitter greens salad; duck lasagna; lamb chops; veal chop; cheeseburger; c?te de boeuf; sour cream and onion hash browns; s’mores sundae.

            Dinner only, beginning 5pm.  More Reviews: New York ObserverTasting Table - and New York Magazine.  And, New York Post Table-Hopping.

            For all MSH special bookings, email events@mercerstreethospitality.com or for general questions email info@

            9 East 1st Street just off Bowery |  Call Us: (212) 460-5255